Incenda AI is no longer operating under this name. As of 1 April 2023, we, our team and technology, have officially being integrated in b-plus, a company with deep expertise and experience in the automotive industry.
But we will continue to do what we do best. Delivering the highest quality for your data. For future enquiries please contact us through the new channel.


The performance of a Supervised Artificial Intelligence based system has strong dependencies and correlations to the quality of the datasets they are trained on. Our mission is to make AI safe, robust and reliable. With AI Quality Assurance as the main business focus, we provide extensive data quality evaluation, high quality end-to-end datasets & AI technologies. Incenda AI specializes on improving datasets and ensuring outstanding AI system performance.



We deliver QA for AI datasets, adapted to your needs for any industry.

WHY DATA QA is essential?

Poor image labeling leads to bad AI predictions. 

For AI, flawed, incomplete or unfitting training data leads to bad performance and low reliability!

In a Case Study we prove that, with a rate of 28% issue-affected labels, the overall model performance decreases by 30%!

A few things we’re great at


We are not associated with any labeling company. Our independence enables us to provide objective metrics for the labeled data and to offer a matchless service on the market.


Many companies striving for precise AI achieve poor results because they overlook the importance of correct training data. We strongly believe that, Quality Assurance is an essential key factor for building safe and reliable AI models.


Our tools have been refined based on years of experience in data QA for Machine Learning. An uncompromising focus on usability paired with a plethora of automated tests enable us to deliver fast while adapting to changing requirements.


Looking for free high quality datasets created by Incenda AI?

We publish open datasets to support Research, Start-Ups and Techies. This is our contribution towards the whole AI community.

who we are

Incenda AI is a german startup, founded in early 2019. Our goal is to help customers realize product-grade AI applications.
While AI research enables a plethora of novel applications, delivering reliable AI-powered products remains a major challenge, particularly in safety-critical environments. Incenda AI is a German startup that supports customers in realizing scalable AI development with regards to quality. From collecting representative datasets via ensuring high-quality annotations through training and deployment of robust models – Incenda AI provides the QA support that enables AI products that prove themselves in practice.

With years of experience and millions of images being evaluated by our team, we understand how the quality assurance process needs to look like. Based on this we continuously are improving and developing our tools to make things more efficient.

Interested in QA?